Whether an Internet hosting account meets the system requirements of your Internet sites and how easy it will be for you to take care of that account are two very important things. If you experience any issues or your websites just can't run on the web hosting platform due to the fact that they were designed to run in a different system environment, it would be rather unsatisfying in case you cannot get a full or prorated refund and various providers out there have such policies. That way, you will end up losing cash as you will not be able to use a service you have paid for. To be on the safe side, you need to check the refund policies of any company before you get an internet hosting plan, so in case you cannot use the account or simply decide that you do not want to use it for whatever reason, you can request your money back.
30-day MBG in Shared Website Hosting
There's no risk involved in case you go for one of the shared website hosting plans that we sell because we have a 30-day MBG policy for all new accounts no matter the reason for your refund request. We'll help you 24-7 with all the questions you could have or problems you could encounter with the Internet sites running on our cloud hosting platform and we'll provide you with a powerful, yet easy-to-navigate Control Panel to maintain your account, however if you still decide that you do not want to continue using the account, you'll be able to get a complete refund within the first month after you register. There're no contracts or a minimum time period which you should use the hosting account, so we will issue the refund the moment we have your request.